What exactly is it that makes humans different from any other species on the planet? Is it our language? Our ability to adapt? Or perhaps it is the empathy we hold for one another and the rest of the living world. The list seems endless. We suggest another answer: potential. Humans have proved time and time again their unique ability to create, inspire and persevere. Through the development of our imaginations, our skills and our interactions with the world around us, potential has propelled us towards unimaginable quests.
Our community at CSUN works together to reach new heights and break through the adversity we’ve faced to create a campus as diverse and accepting as ours. We confront obstacles head-on, unified as one, exploring all that we can become.
At this year’s TEDxCSUN, we will show the awe-inspiring power of human potential. Through dynamic performances, inspirational speeches and “ideas worth spreading,” we hope to show you what being human really means.


CSUN | The Little Theatre
18111 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA


Saturday, April 29, 2017
10:00am - 3:00pm