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Think about what you have accomplished, how your accomplishment
involved climbing steps to build a better future. Over the past three
years, TEDxCSUN has shown the potential we possess to break
any obstacles in our path to building a legacy. Leaving a legacy
isn’t just an opportunity for yourself, but a chance to leave your
mark on the world.

At this year’s conference. we will be showcasing different types
of legacies; those that have been passed on, those that
are being created, and those that are yet to come.


TEDxCSUN is a yearly event organized by a dedicated group of CSUN students with the help and guidance of spirited alumni, professors, and faculty. California State University, Northridge was founded with the belief that a student’s education should be closely aligned with hands-on learning experiences.

Because of this, we aim to create a venue where CSUN students who are driven and passionate about their disciplines can showcase the talents that this diverse campus has to offer, and can have a place where their ideas can spread. We believe that the TEDx mission is closely aligned with CSUN’s mission that pushes for the dissemination of knowledge and innovation.